Wow.  Where do I start? First of all I want to say thank you for following my new on-line Boutique Faye MaxwellCalifornia and making it to this page! Without the support of my customers, my wonderful family and my amazing friends my new career as a fashion designer and Boutique owner would not be possible and not near as much fun!

I was born and raised in Southern California and grew up enjoying the wonderful beaches that stretch along our California coastline.  I mainly grew up in Orange County and currently reside near the ocean in an area that we locals call “South County”. 

I started my own boutique out of frustration!  Frustration of not being able to find clothing that was loose fitting, comfortable and cut "below the hip line", but still stylish and classy.  I was looking for clothing that would fit into my California lifestyle and would be easy to pack for a vacation!  Most importantly it needed to be versatile, tops that could be worn with a nice pair of slacks one day, and also worn with jeans or shorts the next easy to hand wash, hang up to dry, and be ready to wear the next day if needed! 

I have always loved the amazing colors that the ocean presents to us, and I noticed in my travels throughout the Hawaiian Islands, Jamaica, the Bahamas, Mexico, various Caribbean Islands, and Palm Beach, Florida, the gorgeous blues and glorious greens in every shade imaginable!  There were truly amazing sunsets with all the pinks, purples, oranges and reds.  Now add the tropical climates and settings..........the emerald green palm trees and tropical greenery and the never ending yellow-gold sunshine and you pretty much have all the colors in the rainbow..........that's what I see when I select the fabrics I use for my "Ocean Breezes" clothing line.

When I started designing my own line of clothing, I took all those colors that have inspired me and brought them to life in my clothing designs and the fabric patterns I select.  I get inspired by the way the waves hit the sand, the way the sun flickers off the ocean surface resulting in blue and green ripples, and how the palm trees sway in the warm tropical breezes.  All of this combined inspired me to design my line of clothing called “Ocean Breezes” - “Cool, Comfy & Classy”!  And, I personally felt it was important to make sure they were “Made in California”!

My Ocean Breezes collection includes silk chiffon and polyester chiffon Kimono style tops and jackets, and brightly colored sarongs for all occasions.  They are so comfortable and versatile!  They can be worn as a beach or pool cover-up during the day or as an elegant outfit during the evening and have I mentioned they’re great for traveling?!

Every time I pick up a pencil to sketch a new design, I think about you, my customers.  Where you're going, what you're doing, what will flatter your body and make you feel fabulous.  And each one of my designs is specifically created to fit a woman's body and look fantastic.

I know you’ll enjoy the fabrics I’ve selected that reflect our beautiful oceans and tropical Island settings.  But I also had to include some of my favorite “animal prints” and “Asian themed” prints that caught my eye as well! I guess you’ll never know what new fabric designs will pop up next!

Thank you again for visiting my Boutique!


Faye Maxwell-California